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With our Network Planning & Design service, you set the parameters for your network architecture, so it fulfills your business plan in terms of capacity, coverage, cost and quality of service. As the most critical step in any network deployment or upgrade, the planning and design phase provides the essential foundation for your future network build.

Planning and Design Benefits

  •      Minimize your total cost of ownership through network design optimization
  •      An in-depth understanding of your requirements ensures a successful deployment day one
  •      Understand alternative designs options and the implications to your network
  •      Meet the capacity and resiliency requirements of current and future service offerings

 Planning and Design Approach

 Network planning and design services consist of a comprehensive set of activities involving:

  •      Network requirements gathering
  •      Network architecture selection
  •      Product and technology recommendations
  •      Detailed network analysis and design
  •      License coordination      

Some factors that influence cost effecients are:

  •      Improve efficiency on WAN circuits by using features such as compression, Voice Activity Detection etc.
  •      Use technologies that dynamically allocate WAN bandwidth.
  •      Integrate both voice and data circuits
  •      Optimize or eliminate under utilized circuits.



The quality of your network design has a direct impact on the performance of your network, its reliability, predictability, capacity and its potential for future expansion.

Designing your network correctly will deliver optimal performance and make sure you are ready for whatever the future brings.

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