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Businesses are turning to IP telephony to reduce costs by consolidating multiple services onto a single network infrastructure, enhance productivity with unified messaging and other new tools, and increase mobility by enabling workers to access the same voice networking features while telecommuting or traveling that they would use in the corporate office. However, to move mission-critical voice networking applications onto a converged IP network infrastructure, enterprises require an IP telephony solution with robust routing and security to provide an assured voice experience across the enterprise network infrastructure.

 If you use VOIP, it will cut the cost of your company


One of the main reasons for the explosive growth in VoIP service is the available cost savings. This cost savings comes from a number of advantages that VoIP has over traditional phone service

Reason for the lower cost of VoIP when compared to the traditional phone service is the fact that VoIP service providers are not classified by government regulating agencies as phone companies. This means that they and their service are not subject to the special fees and taxes that apply to most traditional phone companies. They can pass this savings along to you in a couple of ways. First, they are not required to charge you for any special fees or taxes. Secondly, their cost of doing business is lower, and they can pass this along to you in the form of a lower basic rate.


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