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Bit N Byte Solutions carries a large selection of New, refurbished, used, Cisco routers, Cisco Switches, Firewalls, Wireless Access Points, IP Phones, Modules & Cards which are offered at great discounts, A Cisco routers is ideal for many applications and environments, including complex enterprise routing platforms as well as flexible LAN and WAN configurations. Cisco routers provide a wide range of integrated security services for high quality voice, video and data applications with easy deployment and management features. These features are ideal for branch office and remote site environments, small to medium-sized businesses, large offices, as well as smaller Internet Service Providers.

Bit N Byte Solution carries of quality new & Used Cisco products. In addition to the router, switch, firewall, accesspoints hardware, we also carry an extensive line of Cisco accessories including power supplies, memory and gbics.

As an established reseller of quality pre-owned, refurbished & used Cisco hardware, we are always interested in purchasing your excess Cisco routers and accessories. Apply the value of your surplus IT gear to your next purchase at Bit N Byte Solution.

Please browse the following list to learn more about our top-selling Cisco Networking Products.




  800 Series 1800 Series 1900 Series 2800 Series 2900 Series 3800 Series 3900 Series 7200 Series 7600 Series




Catalyst Switch 2960 Catalyst Switch 3560 Catalyst Switch 3750 Catalyst Switch 4500  Catalyst Switch 4900 Catalyst Switch 6500




Router HWIC WAN Card Router WIC WAN Card Router VWIC2 VWIC Card VIC VIC2 VIC3 Voice Card NM NME BM Network Module 


PVDM Voice/FAX Module Router AIM Modules Routr ISR G2 SM Module Router NPE Engines 4500 Switch Module


 6500 SwitCh Module Cisco 7200 Module Cisco 7600 Module



Cisco ASA 5500 Series Cisco PIX Firewall IP Phones Basic Model IP Phones Global Model



1520 Mesh Access Point Cisco 1550 Access Point Cisco 1410 Series Bridge 1310 Access Point Bridge 1260 Series Access Point


 1250 Series Access Point 1240 Series Access Point 1140 Series Access Point 1130 Series Access Point Cisco 1040 Access Point


 Cisco 600 Access Point 521 Series Access Point Cisco WLAN Controller

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